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Nurturing Intellectual Friendships

This program enriches the academic climate at Loyola by funding opportunities for faculty to nurture intellectual friendships with, and among, undergraduate students whom they identify as exhibiting a particular passion for learning. For instance, faculty members may apply for funds to take a small group of students within a course to dinner to enable a higher level of discussion than may be possible among the class at large, to host a select group of students at their house, or to accompany them to an academic or cultural event that might supplement a course. Events funded through this program should not be mandatory for an entire class, as this contradicts the spirit of the program. Funding may be used for optional events open to an entire class.

Please note, further, that these events must not be scheduled during Loyola's exam periods at the end of semesters.

These grants are generally limited to $300. Requests for funding above these limits may be considered on the basis of the quality and imaginative elements of the proposal.


The applicant must be teaching in the humanities at Loyola in the semester in which he or she submits the proposal.

Standards and Procedures for Proposals

The proposal should describe:

  • The event proposed;
  • The number and names of the students to be involved;
  • Why the faculty members thinks these particular students would particularly benefit from the event proposed;
  • How the proposed event will nurture intellectual friendships;
  • How the funds requested will be spent; and
  • After the event, the applicant must send a final report that includes a description of the event, explanation of how funds were spent, and a list of the participants.


Proposals must be submitted electronically to by the last working day of any month for consideration at the next month's meeting of the steering committee.