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Grants for Teaching Faculty Attending Academic Conferences

This program offers up to six grants of up to $1500 for teaching faculty working under year-long contracts, and one grant of $500 for teaching faculty working under other contracts to attend academic conferences in the humanities. Of the grants for faculty working under year-long contracts, the Center will ordinarily fund up to four grants for faculty who are delivering presentations at conferences and will ordinarily fund up to two grants for faculty who are attending conferences for professional development directly related to courses taught at Loyola but who are not delivering a presentation. However, the applicant pool in any given year may change that ratio. The grant for teaching faculty working under other contracts can be used by a faculty member delivering a presentation at a conference or attending a conference for professional development.


  • Any faculty member currently with a year-long contract may apply for one of these grants. Faculty currently with other contracts must have taught at Loyola for two semesters before applying.
  • Faculty who are teaching in a department outside of the Humanities division of Loyola College but whose research clearly involves a discipline in the Humanities may apply. The Steering Committee, however, ordinarily will give preference to applicants teaching in the Humanities division.
  • A faculty member may receive one grant in the course of the academic year.
  • In awarding grants, the Steering Committee will give preference to applicants who have not been awarded a grant in the prior academic year.
  • Faculty who expect to be paid for a conference or artistic presentation are not eligible for one of these grants.

Standards for Proposals

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The quality of the proposal;
  • The likelihood that the presentation will advance the faculty member’s research agenda or that attendance at the conference will enhance the faculty member's teaching at Loyola;
  • The accompanying letter from the applicant’s department chair.


The proposal should be for a specific dollar amount, and it should include:

  • The name, location, and a description of the conference or event;
  • An estimated budget for attendance;
  • A brief description of the faculty member’s presentation and a brief description of how the presentation fits into the faculty members’ research agenda for faculty deliver presentations;
  • A brief description of the way attending the conference will directly impact the teaching of courses at Loyola for faculty not delivering presentations;
  • A copy of the faculty member’s curriculum vitae, including current employment status at Loyola University and list of courses taught at Loyola over (up to) the past three years.

In addition to the above, the faculty member’s department chair should send the Steering Committee a single-page letter, addressing the quality of the proposal and the nature of the conference or event in question as well as verifying the applicant's current employment status with Loyola University.


Proposals should be submitted electronically to esgarrett@loyola.edu by the last working day of August for priority consideration at the Steering Committee’s September meeting. Applications will be accepted for the rest of the year, with the last working day of each month being the deadline for consideration at next month's steering meeting, until all grants have been given out.

The Center will reimburse the faculty member for expenses once they have been incurred; it will not advance funds for expenses yet to be incurred.

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