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Teaching Faculty Excellence Award

This annual award recognizes outstanding achievement by a member of the Teaching Faculty in one of the Humanities departments. The recipient receives an honorarium of $500 and a plaque in recognition of the award.

two men holding a plaque
Dr. Brandon Parlopiano, History Department, (on right) one of two recipients of the 2021 Affiliate Faculty Teaching Award, shown with Dr. Camper, director of the Center for the Humanities


  • Each humanities department may nominate one candidate for the award each year. Nominees should have exhibited exemplary pedagogy in classes at Loyola.
  • Candidates must have been Teaching Faculty at Loyola for at least three years.
  • A faculty member may receive the award only once during their time at Loyola.


  • The chair of any humanities department may nominate one candidate. The chair may only nominate a faculty member in consultation with the potential nominee. The chair submits a brief (no more than two pages) letter of nomination attesting to the candidate's record of exemplary pedagogy. The chair and the nominee together compile and submit a nomination packet that includes the most recent two annual updates, without appendices, and up to two additional pieces of clear evidence of teaching effectiveness beyond what is already contained in the annual updates. See the Faculty Handbook for possible pieces of evidence.
  • The Steering Committee chooses one awardee each year.
  • Nominations are due by the last working day in April. The Steering Committee considers nominations and designates an awardee at its May meeting.

Previous winners

  • 2023 Professor Andrea M. Leary, Writing 
  • 2022 Professor Ursula Sayers-Ward, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • 2021 Professor Gerard Blair, Communications Department and Dr. Brandon Parlopiano, History Department (co-winners)
  • 2020 Professor Giuliana Risso Robberto, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • 2019 Dr. Lesley DiFransico, Theology
  • 2018 Professor Catherine Savell, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • 2017 Dr. Inas Hassan, Modern Languages and Literatures
  • 2016 Dr. Matthew Moser, Theology