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Student Application Deadlines

Grant Deadline
Digital Humanities Summer Institute  Last working day in October
Stipend for summer study Last working day in February
Stipends for summer internships Last working day in March
Student-Led Seminars for Fall Semester Last working day in February
Student-Led Seminars for Spring Semester Last working day in October
Student summer fellowships Last working day in February

Deadlines by date:

Last working day of the month:

October 31, 2023

  • Student-Led Seminars for spring seminars
  • Digital Humanties Summer Institute student application

February 29, 2024

  • Student summer fellowships
  • Stipend for summer study
  • Student-Led Seminars for fall seminars

March 28, 2024

Stipends for (otherwise) unpaid summer internships

Submitting your Application

All applications should be sent electronically to program assistant Bess Garrett, esgarrett@loyola.edu.

For inquiries and support, please contact the Student Grants coordinator, Dr. Matthew Moser, mamoser@loyola.edu

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