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Stipends for Summer Study Programs

This program offers grants up to $5,000 for students to participate in a Summer Study Program in the humanities. Ordinarily the Center funds up to two such grants per year.


  • Any full-time undergraduate may apply in his or her freshmen, sophomore, or junior year. Graduating seniors are not eligible.
  • The program ought to offer a unique opportunity not otherwise available to the student through Loyola offerings.
  • The student may not count the program for credit toward graduation at Loyola.

Standards for Proposals

Proposals will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The quality of the program;
  • The promise of the student to benefit from the program; and
  • The nature of the program's contribution to the student's education;


The proposal should describe:

  • The name, location, and a description of the program, including costs associated with participation in it;
  • How the student will benefit by the program, including a description of how the program will supplement, or how it relates to, the student's studies at Loyola;
  • How the student will finance that portion of costs associated with participating in the program not covered by the Center's grant (if applicable). Examples might included the cost of airfare, room and board, etc.; and
  • At least one letter of recommendation from a faculty member attesting to the student's preparedness for the program, and his or her ability to benefit from it.


Proposals must be submitted electronically to the Program Assistant esgarrett@loyola.edu by the last working day of February.

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