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Fact Book - Student Enrollment


  1. Fact Book Enrollment data is captured at the Fall Census and represents the entire academic year.
  2. Student gender is displayed as the data is reported to the Department of Education’s IPEDS data collection. In Fall 2023, IPEDS changed the gender categories to include “other” genders and “unknown” genders.
  3. Full Time Equivalent (FTE) is calculated as full-time enrollment plus one-third part-time enrollment.
  4. Student Headcount and FTE include all Loyola University students, including those in Loyola study abroad programs or at locations other than the Evergreen Campus. Off-campus Montessori and non-Loyola study abroad program students are not included.
  5. Off-campus resident counts include students currently on Loyola study abroad and exchange programs.
  6. On/Off Campus Resident counts in "Other" category include exchange students, visiting students, and other special status students.
  7. Study Abroad semester totals represent duplicated headcounts. If a student was on a year-long study abroad they are listed in both semesters. The total for the year, on the other hand, represents unduplicated headcounts so that students who studied abroad for two semesters are only counted once.
  8. Credit-hour enrollments are calculated according to MHEC guidelines for determining state aid under the Sellinger Program.
  9. All section types (independent studies, internships, practica, supervision, music lessons, thesis/dissertation sections, etc.) are included; audited course sections; and graduate students taking undergraduate courses. Consortium courses are excluded.
  10. Data for Montessori Education is as of the Fall Census date for each year. Comprehensive data for Montessori programs (including off-site affiliate courses) is not included.
  11. Undergraduate Headcounts by Academic Program counts double major students by the program designated as their primary major.
  12. Master's Headcount by Academic Program include students whose ultimate goal is to earn a doctorate degree but are currently a Master's-level student.
  13. Master's Headcount in Finance only includes MSF candidates. MBA students concentrating in Finance are included in "Business Administration."