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Ignatian Citizenship

This page will revolve around Ignatian Citizenship at Loyola.  Members of Loyola must think about incorporating Ignatian Citizenship into their lives in the form of advocating for thoughtful and active civic and global engagement within our community.  Ignatian citizens think of themselves as a part of something bigger, and aim to promote diversity, equity, and inclusiveness on campus and in their communities.

Pope Francis Encyclical Letter Laudato Si'

Pope Francis has written the first papal encyclical focused solely on the environment, attempting to reframe care of the earth as a moral and spiritual concern, and not just a matter of politics, science and economics. In the document, “Laudato Si: On Care for Our Common Home,” he argues that the environment is in crisis – cities to oceans, forests to farmland. He emphasizes that the poor are most affected by damage from what he describes as economic systems that favor the wealthy, and political systems that lack the courage to look beyond short-term rewards. But the encyclical is addressed to everyone on the planet.

Fr. Brown Booklets