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Stamp It! Post Office

Stamp It! Sign


Loyola's post office is located next to Diane Geppi-Aikens Field. 
Campus Map (PDF)

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 6:15 p.m.*

*Please contact the post office, check signage outside of the post office, or view Loyola Today for listings of weekend and extended hours of operation to accommodate package pick-up during peak periods (e.g. start of semester and Valentine's Day).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there no mailboxes for students?

Loyola has a high-density mail room.

How do I get my mail?

  • Employee places letter mail in mail slots located behind the Stamp-It counter and scans packages before placing them on an alphabetized shelf 
  • Student receives an email alerts
  • Student swipes at a kiosk in the Stamp-It lobby, following directions on the wall behind them 
  • Student will stand behind the partition and wait for their name to appear on the tv screen facing the lobby 
  • There are two stations for checking out mail at the Stamp-It counter; the student name will appear on the station monitor where they can receive their mail 
  • Student swipes for their mail and is on their way 

Where can I find my mail stop number?

Inside Loyola > Web Advisor > Academic Information > Mailstop


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