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Policies and Procedures

Postal costs are charged directly to each department's budget. This is done monthly based on the actual usage of services. Mail is delivered and picked up in a zippered nylon bag bearing the name of the department. All outgoing mail retrieved from a mail bag is charged to the respective department.

All mail requiring postage is to be bundled separately from the inter-departmental mail and handling instructions should be noted on the Proper Handling/Mail Slip. All mail will be sent at the first class rate unless there are instructions to do otherwise. Proper Handling/Mail Slip forms are green in color (5.5"x8.5") and may be obtained from the post office.

For all departments with more than one budget code, please attach a Proper Handling/Mail Slip for each group of mail being sent if it is other than the primary department code and place proper account number on each bundle. Contact the post office at ext. 2804 or ext. 2258 for additional information.

The following items are chargeable to the department and will require an account number at the time of service:

  • Express Mail
  • Bulk Mailings
  • FedEx or UPS Next Day Air/3rd Day Ground
  • Business Reply Cards

The post office should be notified of the following information regarding the use of Business Reply Cards to ensure prompt replies.

  1. Department name; faculty and/or administrator's name
  2. Amount of cards/envelopes being sent
  3. Account Number

Large mailings are completed on a first come, first serve basis. The following procedures are to be followed:

  1. Call ext. 2804 two working days in advance to schedule your mailing and to order "trays" (for letters) or "tubs" (for manila envelopes).
  2. All mail is to face the same way and be in complete ascending zip code order.
  3. Flats (manila envelopes) are to be sealed; #10 envelopes (letter envelopes) are to have flaps up; flyers are to be tabbed (schedule service at ext. 2804).
  4. The Proper Handling/Mail Slip should be attached with all pertenent information written on it.

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