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Reporting Suspicious Activity and Emergencies  


BaseCall the Communications Center, staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at the numbers below to report emergencies or suspicious activity, or use the LiveSafe mobile security app's reporting features. You may also report incidents using the anonymous reporting form on this page.  


All Public Safety reporting methods allow you to report anonymously. If you call the Communications Center and want to remain anonymous, please inform the Public Safety dispatcher of your request. LiveSafe also has an anonymous reporting feature built into the app. 


Sending emergency or suspicious activity information to personal or office emails is not recommended since email servers may not be checked regularly.  


Emergency: 410-617-5911

Non-Emergency: 410-617-5010 (or 5010 from campus phones)


Requesting Police Reports or Background Information


Members of the Loyola community involved in incidents may contact Investigator Kevin Turner for copies of their police reports. However, they will only be released with supervisor approvals and if redactions are made to protect privacy when necessary. 


Background investigators may contact Kevin Turner for background information but must provide signed release information from the requestor.


Reports and evidence released to parties external to the university must have the Director of Public Safety's approval.  


Commercial Solicitation 


Do not contact the Department of Public Safety if you are a vendor, telemarketer, or consulting company to market products or services since your calls, unscheduled appearances, and emails may interfere with our business or emergency operations. At times, Loyola will develop documents sent to companies when we are in the market for products or services. Those documents explain our needs and the contact points for companies interested in our business. This is notice to remove Loyola contact information from your databases. 


Department of Public Safety Contacts


Adrian Black, Ed.D.

Director of Public Safety



Captain Leonard A. Willis, Jr. 

Associate Director of Patrol Operations



Kevin Turner

Senior Investigator



Patrick (Web) Weber

Senior Systems Specialist



Day Shift


Lieutenant George W. Cunningham

Shift Commander



Sergeant Lisa Cifolilli



Evening Shift


Lieutenant Darlene Early-Wing

Shift Commander



Sergeant Timothy M. Crowther



Midnight Shift


Lieutenant Vincent (Vinny) LoBiondo

Shift Commander



Sergeant Bernard Lyons 


Sexual Violence Resource Coordinator


Melissa Lees (Confidential Advocate)

Women's Center

4504A Seton Court




Contact Information



LiveSafe mobile app (iOS)
LiveSafe mobile app (Android)


Sexual Violence Resource Coordinator
410-617-6769 (Confidential)

After Hours Emergency Counselor

National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
Dial or Text 988 toll-free

Weather Line

Anonymous Reporting Form

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