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Notes from the Director of Public Safety

The Department of Public Safety takes steps continuously to advance the public safety of our campus community. Here are some initiatives we have undertaken:

  • Addressing Racism and Bias issues: As part of Loyola's multi-pronged approach, we have partnered with our Loyola colleagues to engage in extensive training about racism and bias. A portion of that training involved classroom instruction, collaborative book studies, and survey tools to facilitate discussions. 
  • Dedicated to Supporting Students: The department created a victim-centered, trauma-informed sexual assault response policy that coordinates response with university partners and city police. For more information about reporting, visit the Title IX website. 
  • Safety at Your Fingertips: We launched the LiveSafe mobile security app, which allows users to report incidents and send messages to Loyola University Maryland campus safety officers anytime, anywhere.
  • Training with Baltimore Police: During the summer of 2019, we conducted the first ever full-scale exercise with Baltimore City Police patrol officers and SWAT teams.
  • Specialized Training: All patrol officers that have passed provisional periods of employment have been trained to meet MPCTC standards required under Maryland House Bill 1111 and are commissioned as police officers by Maryland's governor to protect Loyola University. 
  • Setting High Standards: We have also made it a priority to certify all dispatchers as Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO). This certified training meets or exceeds national qualifications. We also completed Tactical Dispatcher Training with Baltimore City Police SWAT instructors.
  • Building Community: The department has worked hard to establish relationships with our external community for additional resources and support.

Please reach out with questions or concerns to

Dr. Adrian Black, Ed.D.
Director of Public Safety

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410-617-6769 (Confidential)

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