Loyola University Maryland

Report Bias

Bias Incident Summaries

Fall 2020

Between July 1, 2020-Dec. 31, 2020, 13 bias reports were received, with 5 reports determined as “not bias” or lacking sufficient information to determine whether biased behavior occurred. While bias was undetermined, these incidents greatly impact our community. When possible, alleged offenders were addressed by a senior-level administrator reinforcing our community standards, expectations, and values.

When you look at the cases, 8 involved bias-related behavior, 5 involved race/ethnicity, 2 involved gender, 1 involved disability, and 1 involved sexual identity. One incident included multiple types of bias.

Of the 8 cases, 3 were addressed through Human Resources’ Harassment and Discrimination process, 3 were addressed through the Alternative Resolution process by a Student Development administrator, 1 was addressed through the Student Conduct process, and 1 was addressed by Academic Affairs administrators.