Loyola University Maryland

Counseling Center

REACT - In Person

REACT is a three-session Readjustment After Crisis and Trauma program.

If you have experienced a robbery, assault, a serious car accident, sudden loss, or any other traumatic event, there is information to help you cope with the aftermath. This information can:

  • Help you understand your reactions;
  • Help you learn effective coping skills and self-care strategies and;
  • Help you return to your normal routine as soon as possible

Quick intervention on your part can also help to prevent future problems. The Counseling Center staff offer brief individual educational sessions for:

  • Dealing with trauma;
  • Coping with your specific symptoms;
  • Developing self-care routines and;
  • Training in specific skills like guided imagery, relaxation, and meditation.

Handouts and worksheets are provided to assist you. All sessions are confidential. Contact the Counseling Center or stop by for more information and to take control.