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Identity Affirming Services

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Our Approach to the Work 

Our counseling center is comprised of an multidisciplinary team of mental health professionals who are devoted to creating a more just world. At the heart of our work is the understanding that culture, identity, politics, and world events play a dynamic role in student mental health and wellness. We also acknowledge that many communities have unique contemporary and historical relationships to mental health treatment, and we strive to provide services that take these experiences into account.  
To that end, Counseling Center staff are engaged in ongoing training and development to increase our understanding and competence in working with students from all backgrounds and life experiences. This is reflected in everything from our clinic’s forms and professional development to our clinical offerings to the campus.

Culturally inclusive language and communication  


  • Use of gender pronouns and preferred names for students as well as staff.
  • Staff names and pronouns listed on office doors.
  • Open-ended options regarding identity on intake paperwork.
  • Regularly survey students’ experiences in treatment.
  • Seek direct input from student groups and campus partners about our processes to improve our services.
  • Coordinate with various campus departments to respond proactively to world events that impact student mental health. 


  • Paperwork
  • Reformatting and accessibility of forms
  • Use of iPads 
  • Braille Signage
  • Language - Currently a variety of staff members can provide bilingual services to students in:  
    • Greek (Daphne Reinhart)

Affinity spaces, groups and resources honoring intersectionality

Our center acknowledges that different identities shape and influence not only our life experiences, but our mental health. We provide affinity spaces so that you can connect with staff and other students with shared experiences around identity.

Workshops and Outreach

  • Understanding Diversity (ISP)
  • Courageous Conversations about Race (Singleton, 2014)
  • Intersections of Identity in Crisis Response

Contact Us

Humanities, Room 150
One flight up the turret entrance
Phone: 410-617-CARE (2273)

Call to schedule an appointment
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.


REACT Online

REACT is an online video that explains how to help yourself or someone you care about cope in healthy ways after a distressing life event (such as a trauma, assault, or loss).