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Below are a variety apps you may enjoy or find useful. We are not endorsing any of the apps specifically, as they are not maintained by Loyola University or the Counseling Center. Most are free but some are available for a small fee. For more information, click the links to contact the companies offering these services.


Basics course is completely free and will teach you the fundamental techniques of meditation and mindfulness. Meditation creates the ideal conditions for a good night’s rest. Relax with guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that bring calm, wellness and balance to your life in just a few minutes a day.


Designed to help teens and young adults cope with anxiety. It can help you change how you think about anxiety. Rather than trying to avoid anxiety, you can make an important shift and face it. Includes strategies to deal with everyday anxiety, as well as specific tools to tackle sleep, test anxiety, perfectionism, social anxiety, performance anxiety, and panic.

Simply Being Guided Meditation

Voice guided step-by-step instructions for meditation and relaxation.

Down Dog

Allows participants to customize yoga practices so that anyone who wants to practice outside of a yoga studio can do so. Until July 1, 2020, all of the Down Dog apps (Down Dog, Yoga for Beginners, HIIT, Barre, and 7 Minute Workout) are free for students and health care providers.

My3 Suicide Prevention app

Allows you to define a support network and reach out/stay connected when you're struggling with thoughts of suicide.

PTSD Coach

Designed for those who have, or may have, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This app provides you with education about PTSD, information about professional care, a self-assessment for PTSD, opportunities to find support, and tools that can help you manage the stresses of daily life with PTSD. 

CBT-i Coach

Guides you through the process of learning about sleep, developing positive sleep routines, and improving your sleep environment. It provides a structured program that teaches strategies proven to improve sleep and help alleviate symptoms of insomnia.


(Formerly Pacifica) Sanvello helps you understand you: Our thoughts, moods, and behaviors all shape how we feel. Sanvello gives you clinically validated techniques to help you manage your moods and thoughts, so you can understand what works for you to feel better. Premium access is currently offered for free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Relax Melodies

White noise ambience for sleep, meditation & yoga.

Simply Yoga

Contains 20, 40, or 60 minute yoga routines that step you through each pose. Each pose is demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, simply choose your workout length and follow along in the comfort of your own home.

Meditation Studio

A collection of over 160 guided meditations. 


Determines if a relationship is unsafe and helps to create the best action plan by weighing an individual’s unique characteristics and values.

Circle of 6

Violence prevention app that allows users to connect with selected friends to stay safe by sharing your location and how they can help. Winner of the 2011 White House "Apps Against

SAM app

An application to help users understand and manage anxiety.


Create a personalized profile that includes pertinent information such as your mental health professional’s contact info, insurance coverage, and current medications. Track your mood and thoughts daily, create a safety plan, make a list of reminders (e.g. appointments, take medication, etc.) and check out the unique coping methods such as voice-recorded mindfulness and relaxation exercises or simply enjoy relaxing music.

Safety Plan

A list of coping strategies and social supports for use when experiencing suicidal thoughts or emotional distress. For urgent assistance, please view the Emergency Contact page or call the Department of Public Safety (410-617-5911).

Virtual Hope Box

Winner of the 2014 Department of Defense Innovation Award, this app contains simple tools to help with coping, relaxation, distraction, and positive thinking.


Fantastic and simple app where you can track your mood daily. Compiles statistics for you as well over different periods of time. Also, can serve as a private journal.


Uses artificial intelligence (AI) to act as an emotional health assistant at your fingertips. It personalize various techniques to you and your concerns from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness, and other approaches. Has mood tracking, mindfulness resources, and journaling capabilities.


Your friendly self-care expert. Woebot can help you think through situations with step-by-step guidance from Woebot using tools from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), learn about yourself with intelligent mood tracking, master skills to reduce stress and live happier through over 100+ evidence-based stories.


Great app for individuals struggling with depression and sadness symptoms. Consists of thought diary, activities to regain your energy and track your mood before and after, safety planning, self-help guidelines, finding internet resources, option to take the PHQ-9 depression questionnaire and track your symptom severity over time, and discover helpful YouTube videos that can improve your mood and behavior, from guided meditations to enlightening TED talks.


Tremendous app for individuals struggling with anxiety symptoms. Consists of thought diary, exposures to overcome your fears with gradual exposure, relax with simple and customizable paced breathing tools, follow self-help guidelines, find additional resources, option to take the GAD-7 anxiety questionnaire and track your symptom severity over time, and discover helpful YouTube videos that can improve your mood and behavior, from guided meditations to enlightening TED talks.


Life coaching and life improvement app. Contains a day planner that contains daily to-do’s as well as long term goal actions and tasks, a life assessment tool that gives you an overview of your focus in life, a mood journal that explains what affects your mood and why you feel bad, a curated collection of articles and exercises about every aspect of life, and a gallery of expertly crafted goal plans you can use to grow.

Jason Foundation A Friend Asks

This app is maintained by the Jason Foundation, which is dedicated to the prevention of suicide through educational and awareness programs.  Please note that the Counseling Center (410-617-CARE (2273) and the Department of Public Safety (410-617-5911) are Loyola University Maryland’s primary resources to contact for immediate assistance.

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REACT Online

REACT is an online video that explains how to help yourself or someone you care about cope in healthy ways after a distressing life event (such as a trauma, assault, or loss).