Loyola University Maryland

Report Bias

Bias Reporting Process

The Bias Reporting process is intended for incidents where a student has been harmed or caused the harm. Employees should contact Human Resources for employee (faculty, staff, & administrator) to employee related incidents.

Students will be offered support from an administrator and/or advisor throughout the bias reporting process.

Bias report submitted

Report is received by the Office of the VP for Student Development

Student Development (SD) Administrator contacts targeted person/harmed parties to gather information about the incident

If respondent is faculty, staff or administrator, report is referred to Human Resources to process per Harassment & Discrimination Policy and Procedures

SD Administrator and targeted person/harmed parties discuss options for addressing the biased behaviors. The options are an Alternative Resolution or the Student Conduct Process

Conduct Process Initiated

To initiate the conduct process, a formal complaint must be filed.

Formal complaint must include:

  • Submitter name
  • Incident date, time and location
  • Alleged offender name
  • Description of the conduct allegedly constituting bias

Targeted person/harmed parties will work with SD Administrator to submit a formal complaint

Administrative hearing panel convenes

Panel consists of:

  • Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer or designee
  • Peer Conduct Board member
  • Director of Student Conduct or designee

Administrative panel makes a determination of responsibility and sanction(s)

Final outcome of hearing is communicated to the Respondent (within 5 business days)

Due to privacy laws, final outcome cannot be shared with the targeted person/ harmed parties

Alternative Resolution

  • Educational Conversation
  • Conflict Coaching
  • Mediation
  • Restorative Practices