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Witness Considerations

Reject Bias

If you have been a witness of bias related behaviors, please consider the following:

  • If emergency situation (need medical attention or feel unsafe) call Campus Police at 410-617-5911 or 911 immediately.
  • Preserve the evidence.
    • Written slur, graffiti, and/or text message – Do not erase or delete the message
    • E-mail, Facebook message, etc. – Save the message, take a screen shot or print as soon as possible.
    • Voice mail message – Save it. Do not erase the recorded message.
    • Take a picture or video record the evidence (graffiti, physical injuries, license plate, or anything else relevant)
    • Verbal incident/altercation – Immediately write down everything that was said.
    • Witnesses – Gather witness information and encourage them to submit a report/document what they observed.
  • Report the incident. There are several avenues for reporting bias related behaviors.
    • Anonymous online form. Documents, pictures, etc. can be uploaded on the form.
    • Contact the Office of Title IX, Compliance, and Assessment 410-617-5646 or stop by Jenkins Hall 105.
    • Contact an RA or member of Residence Life & Housing staff. Residence Life & Housing staff members are required to report bias behaviors to their immediate supervisor and complete the online bias related behaviors report form. This form is sent directly to the Director of the Office of Title IX, Compliance, and Assessment.
    • Contact Campus Police 410-617-5911.
  • You do not have to determine whether or not the offensive conduct constitutes as bias related behaviors. Report the behaviors and the Director of the Office of Title IX, Compliance, and Assessment will begin the investigation process to determine the best way to address the incident. The incident will be handled in a confidential manner, except in cases where the University is required by law to notify the community.
  • It is best to report behaviors as soon as possible to facilitate the investigation.
  • Seek out support. For support in coping with and managing these situations, please contact one of the following departments:
    • Office of Title IX, Compliance, and Assessment: 410-617-5646
    • Office of Equity and Inclusion : 410-617-2201
    • Dean of Students Office: 410-617-5171
    • Counseling Center: 410-617-2273
    • ALANA Services: 410-617-2310
    • Campus Ministry: 410-617-2768
    • Center for Community, Service, and Justice: 410-617-2380
    • Disability Support Services: 410-617-2750
    • Residence Life: 410-617-5081
    • Women's Center: 410-617-5844

Contact Us

David Tiscione
Director of Title IX, Compliance, and Assessment
Jenkins Hall 105B

Sydney Quantock, J.D.
Assistant Director of Title IX, Compliance, and Assessment 
Jenkins Hall 105D

Emergency Contact

Do NOT use this form to report an emergency. If you require emergency assistance, call campus police at 410-617-5911 or 911.

REACT Online

REACT is an online, interactive program about how to help yourself or someone you care about cope in healthy ways after a distressing life event (such as a trauma, assault, or loss). Content will remain confidential.