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Meadow Lodge

The newest addition to the already existing facilities, Meadow Lodge is a handicapped accessible building. Over 800 square feet, it contains 12 rooms with their own private bathrooms, a commercial kitchen, and our main dining area—the Grand Room. With its floor to ceiling fireplace, the Grand Room is large enough to seat up to 58 guests for meals. Meadow Lodge is also home to our growing library and administrative offices.

There are numerous small gathering areas for conversation, meeting, or individual reflection. A massive deck stretches the entire length of the building on the forest side—complete with rocking chairs and stone fireplace.

Meeting Space

Meeting Space Seating Capacity
Grand Room 58 guests





Bedroom Name  Beds
Mountain Aster 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen
Pearly Everlasting 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen 
Queen Anne's Lace  2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen 
Sweet William  2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen 
Trillium  2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen 
Wild Lupine 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen 
Buttercup *Handicap accessible bathroom 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 King
Day Lily 4 Twins (2 Bunks) 
Goldenrod 4 Twins (2 Bunks)  
Milkweed 4 Twins (2 Bunks)  
Wild Strawberry 4 Twins (2 Bunks) 
Yarrow 4 Twins (2 Bunks) 

Mountain Aster- 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen

View of mountain aster room with full bed

Pearly Everlasting- 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen

Pearly bedroom with full bed and twin beds

Queen Anne's Lace- 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen

View of Queen Anne room with full bed and bunk bed

Sweet William- 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen

View of Sweet William room with full bed and bunk bed

Trillium- 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen

Full bed with bunk beds

Room in Meadow Lodge

Wild Lupine- 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 Queen

View of Wild Lupine room with full bed and bunk bed

Buttercup- 2 Twins (Bunk), 1 King *Handicap accessible bathroom

View of buttercup room with full bedroom and bunk bed

View of accessible bathroom

View of accessible bathroom

Day Lily- 4 Twins (2 Bunks)

Room in Meadow Lodge

Goldenrod- 4 Twins (2 Bunks)

View of goldenrod room with bunk bed

Double bunk beds

Milkweed- 4 Twins (2 Bunks)

View of milkhood room with bunk bed

Wild Strawberry- 4 Twins (2 Bunks)

Room in Meadow Lodge

Yarrow- 4 Twins (2 Bunks)

View of Yarrow room with two bunk beds

Example of private bathroom in each room:

Bathroom sink and vanity


Library in Meadow Lodge


Patio in Meadow Lodge



Exterior of Meadow Lodge

Contact Us

13210 Green Ridge Road NE,
Flintstone, Md. 21530

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