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Office of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

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Welcome to the office of the dean of undergraduate and graduate studies. We are committed to helping students make the most out of their years at Loyola—whether that means helping you through a difficult circumstance that is affecting your academics or preparing to take the next exciting step in the journey of discovery and achievement that can distinguish your academic experience.

In undergraduate and graduate studies, we believe that students are the most important architects in planning their academic pathway and achieving academic success. Students need to be agents empowered to discern their own paths, accepting the responsibility for success and failure, being resolute in the pursuit of interests, passions and goals, and making sense of their lives and choices as they proceed toward graduation. Part of that responsibility begins with advocating for one’s self and seizing opportunities for exploration and growth. This, too, requires seeking out support resources on campus when necessary.

The office of undergraduate and graduate studies coordinates the work of several such academic opportunities and supports:

The dean of undergraduate and graduate studies, Elissa M. Derrickson, Ph.D., oversees the office of undergraduate and graduate studies which houses Messina, Loyola’s first-year seminar program designed to help students acclimate to college quickly, connect and integrate their learning across multiple disciplines and courses, and to connect that learning to out-of-class experiences and life in the residence halls.

Beginning with the Class of 2019, each undergraduate class has a class dean, a faculty member who serves as the lead academic resource for students in their class from orientation through graduation. Birgit Albrecht, Ph.D., associate professor of chemistry, is dean of the Class of 2021, and Lisa Oberbroeckling, Ph.D., associate professor of mathematics and statistics, is dean of the Class of 2022. This year we are happy to welcome Dr. Rodney Parker, our new assistant dean of undergraduate and graduate studies, who will be primarily working with the Class of 2023. 

The Academic Advising and Support Center (AASC) promotes the academic progress of undergraduate students by supporting the declaration of major (and minor) processes, course registration and withdrawal, and graduation clearance. AASC is a resource for students seeking clarity about degree requirements or university policies and assists faculty serving as core and major advisors. Part-time and transfer students, students with learning disabilities, and students who are academically at risk can find key support in AASC as well.

The Study provides comprehensive learning assistance that enables students to become successful independent learners. Through free peer tutoring in most undergraduate courses as well as study skills and academic success workshops open to all students, The Study is an important resource for any student seeking additional academic assistance whether they are struggling or simply because they are eager to take the next step toward even greater achievement.

We invite you to make the most of these resources and the many other academic resources that Loyola offers to help you succeed, excel, and make the most out of your Loyola experience.

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