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Green Office Program

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Join the Green Office Program!

The Green Office Program is a voluntary certification and support network created to help Loyola offices live out the universal apostolic preference of Caring for our Common Home through sustainable initiatives. Please note that this program defines an “office” loosely. Loyola Program offices, academic departments, non-academic offices, and more apply for the program. For more information, please review our old report cards or email us (

Program Goals:

  • Recognize and reward sustainable office practices.
  • Create a network of sustainable offices that inspire and support one another.
  • Provide a list of sustainable actions, policies, and initiatives for offices to strive for and instructions detailing how to achieve them.
  • Foster a culture of sustainability at Loyola.

Certified Offices Receive:

  • Virtual report card
  • Guidance from the Office of Sustainability
  • A “We are a Green Office” window cling
  • A chance to win a Green Office of the Year award

Sample Application

The Green Office Program Sample Application allows an interested office to preview the application before starting, ideally making for a smoother and more transparent application process. The Sample Application includes valuable background information and adds context to questions that may be otherwise confusing. It also lists the point values associated with questions and their responses—which will not appear on the actual application. The Sample Application also offers guidance on how offices can accomplish specific sustainable actions, policies, or initiatives. We highly recommend all applicants review the Sample Application before filling out and submitting their actual application.

*Sample Application (PDF)*


Below is the Green Office Program Application. The application will save your progress if you leave to finish it later. If you are experiencing technical difficulties accessing the application, please email

Please Note: Applications are valid for one year.

Green Office Program Application

Next Steps

After you have applied, please give our office adequate time to review it. After receiving your score, your office’s Green Office Representative (role explained in Sample Application) will work with our office to schedule a brief orientation meeting (45 minutes long) to discuss areas of strength and target actions, policies, and initiatives for your office to focus on over the next year. We hope this orientation meeting will provide direction to certified offices and promote continuous growth regarding sustainability.

Old Report Cards

Below are report cards from the previous iteration of the Green Office Program. We thank offices who participated in the past and recognize their achievements.

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