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Academic Offerings

Sustainability-related Majors and Minors:

Students interested in how corporations deliver value to people, planet, and profit while creating and sustaining a competitive advantage can pursue the Sustainable Management Major. 

Students interested in studying environmental issues and sustainable solutions can pursue the Environmental Studies Minor.

Not quite ready to add a minor? Undergraduate students can explore dozens of sustainability-related courses across academic disciplines.

Sustainability-related Course Offerings:


 Global Environmental History

 History 222/399

 Seminar: Environmental History in Latin American

 History 490

 American Environmental History

 History 211

 Social Responsibility Marketing

 Marketing 448 

 Environmental Economics

 Economics 360 

 Development Economics

 Economics 348

 Human Health and the Environment

 Biology 276 

 Twisted Planet: Global Issues in Biology

 Biology 104 

 Environmental Biology

 Biology 111

 Food: Environmental and Human Impacts

 Biology 120

 Conservation and the Tree of Life

 Biology 445

 Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity


 The Chesapeake Bay Environment 

 Biology 116

 Chemistry and Society

 Chemistry 110

 The Global Environment

 Chemistry 114 

 Environmental Science and Sustainability with Analysis

 Chemistry 220

 Energy and Environment 

 Physics 150

 Philosophical Perspectives: Gender and Nature

 Philosophy 232

 Philosophical Perspectives: Environmental Philosophy

 Philosophy 236 

 Environmental Ethics

 Philosophy 314

 Technology and the Crisis of Nature

 Philosophy 236

Social Power and Social Change

Sociology 202

 Health and Society

Sociology 206

 Human Health and the Environment

Sociology 276

 Global Inequities

Sociology 362

 ESG Management and Sustainability Reporting

 Management 333

 Global Politics of Migration

 Political Science 307

 Global Environmental Politics

 Political Science 358

 Environmental Politics and Sustainability in the U.S.

 Political Science 320

 The Politics of Globalization

 Political Science 357

 Sustainability and Community

 Theology 276

 Environmental Ethics

 Theology 312

 Food, Hunger, and the Bible

 Theology 232

 Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation

 Theology 395

 Intentional Communities and Sustainability

 Theology 389

Introduction to Global Studies

 Global Studies 201

Globalization and Society

 Global Studies 203D

Global Strategy for Sustainability

 Global Studies 203D

 Mathematics of Sustainability

 Mathematics 114

 Women's Voices in the Francophone World

 French 375 

 Writing About the Environment

 Writing 354

 Environmental Law and Policy

 Law 411

 The Teaching of Science

 Education 422

 Global Sustainable Business Case Study

 IB 371

 Global Strategy for Sustainability 

 MG 333

 Studio Art

 SA 367