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Our Team

Finley Costello Sustainability Intern
Finley is an intern at the sustainability office, focusing on energy and water analysis. Finley is a Data Science major and Political Science minor in the class of 2025, and he's looking forward to making Loyola a more sustainable university.
Danny Esposito 2
Danny Esposito Sustainability Coordinator
Danny Esposito joined the Loyola community in the Fall of 2018 as a student and happily renewed his commitment to Loyola as a staff member in the Fall of 2022 following his graduation. Danny was an active environmental student leader during his time at Loyola and is excited to continue improving the state of sustainability at Loyola. Through supporting both university-lead and student-lead initiatives, Danny is thrilled to call himself a green greyhound once again.
Tracy Harvey Sustainability Director
Dr. Tracy Harvey joined the Loyola community in the Fall of 2021 as the Sustainability Director. Tracy leads sustainability efforts across campus and is excited by the opportunity to align this work with Loyola’s Jesuit and values-driven mission. She is looking forward to using her previous experience and doctoral work, focused on advancing sustainability in higher education institutions, to facilitate a culture of sustainability on campus and beyond.
sustainability intern
Abby Herrmann Communications & Engagement Sustainability Intern
Business Administration in Marketing Major, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Minor.
Abeisha Jeyavijithan
Abeisha Jeyavijithan Sustainability Intern
Abeisha Jeyavijithan '25, an information systems and data analytics major, joined the Office of Sustainability in the fall of 2023. She values the intricate connection between humans and the environment, which fuels her commitment to sustainability. Outside of her role in the sustainability office, she actively participates in the CIE Student Steering Committee and serves as the Chief Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) Officer for the Sellinger Scholars Society. 
Evelyn Williams Sustainability Intern
Hi! My name is Evelyn and I am a senior here at Loyola. I'm studying business economics with minors in data science and environmental studies. I'm so excited to be a part of the Office of Sustainability for a lot of reasons but most importantly I get to continue to be a part of sustainability initiatives on campus.