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About Us


As a Jesuit university, we are guided by the Universal Apostolic Preferences, one of which is Caring for our Common Home.

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“Today’s environmental crisis is impacting in a particular way on the poor and vulnerable. Action is needed urgently by Christians and by all people of good will. Whole nations and peoples need an ecological conversion if we are to be honest custodians of this wonderful planet. We can still change the course of history. [Jesuits]

At Loyola University Maryland, caring for our common home means fulfilling the institution’s mission in a way that encompasses human and ecological health, social justice, secure livelihoods, and a better world for all generations. Specifically, for Loyola and our commitment to Laudato Si’, integral ecology is an important aspect of our sustainability work. Integral Ecology refers to the integrated and holistic approach to political, social, economic, and environmental problems by recognizing that many of the issues we face are interconnected and need to be looked at as a whole, not just in part.

“Our centers of higher learning want to identify areas where they can make a difference and contribute to a change of mind and heart" [Jesuits]


Join Our Team! 

As a Laudato Si’ university, the campus has committed to addressing these efforts at the intersection of ecological and social justice. Join our team and work with our Sustainability Director and Coordinator to make Loyola a more sustainable place! Sustainability Interns will help advance sustainability initiatives across campus. Duties include but are not limited to developing content about sustainability initiatives on campus for social media platforms as well as on the sustainability webpage, engagement across campus and the community, and involvement in initiatives like sustainable dining, waste management & campus composting, and climate action, depending on the student’s interest. Particular emphasis is on peer-to-peer education. 

Meet our current student interns!

For any questions please reach out to the Sustainability Coordinator,