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Medical Leave of Absence FAQs

Loyola University Maryland’s Medical Leave of Absence (MLOA) process provides undergraduate students who are experiencing medical and/or emotional distress that reduces their ability to function adequately in their academic, residential, or social environments the time away from the University to receive treatment, therapy and assistance for a health concern. A Medical Leave of Absence is a temporary hiatus from the University that allows students to fully attend to their health-related issues.

How to request a Medical Leave of Absence?

Undergraduate students who experience significant health concerns should contact the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies in MH145. Documentation that verifies the necessity of the medical leave is submitted by a licensed health care provider (therapist, psychiatrist, physician, etc.). This documentation, referred to as the Initial Care Form, is due no later than 30 days from the date the MLOA is officially requested by the student.

In order for the documentation to be forwarded to and reviewed by the Medical Review Committee, it is essential for the student to give permission via a signed release of information to the health care provider and/or treatment team to share the appropriate medical documentation to Student Development, who may be reached by phone at (410) 617-5171 or by fax at (410) 617-5124.

What is the duration of a Medical Leave of Absence?

Generally, a Medical Leave of Absence is for a minimum of a full semester with the option to extend the medical leave for the following semester. This process is designed to allow a student to seek and receive treatment by a health care provider so that they are able to successfully return to the University.

How are faculty notified, and what happens to the grades if a Medical Leave of Absence is initiated?

Once a student has requested a Medical Leave of Absence, the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies will notify the student’s professors that the student will no longer be attending classes. The student will receive “W’s” (withdrawals) on their transcript for all enrolled classes at the time of the medical leave. The transcript will not indicate any reason for the leave of absence.

What are the financial implications for taking a Medical Leave of Absence?

Questions about financial matters, including scholarship, loans, and grants, should be directed to the Financial Aid office.

When do I need to vacate my residence hall room?

Ordinarily, students will vacate the University premises on the same day that the Medical Leave of Absence is requested and their residence hall room will be cleared out within 48 hours of the MLOA request. Keys should be returned directly to the Office of Residence Life & Housing, Seton Court 08B. Any student who is leaving campus after regular business hours is required to drop off the room key in the mailbox directly outside of the main door of the Office of Residence Life & Housing.

The student’s ID Card will be deactivated upon their departure from campus. Please note: The Loyola email account will remain active while students are on a medical leave as this will be the primary means of communication with the University. It is imperative that students consistently check their emails during the leave.

When is the last day to request a Medical Leave of Absence?

All medical leaves of absence are determined on a case by case basis. Generally, the last day to request a medical leave is the last day to withdraw from classes and situations after that point are handled through the Incomplete process. However, exceptions to this practice may occur as deemed appropriate by the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.

Am I allowed to stay in the residence hall while I am on a Medical Leave of Absence?

No. The purpose of a medical leave is for a student to attend to their health-related concerns in an environment where appropriate treatment, therapy and assistance can be obtained.

Am I able to participate in the room selection process during a Medical Leave of Absence?

While the University makes every effort to accommodate housing requests, there is no guarantee that a student who is on a MLOA will be granted their first housing choice. However, it is recommended that students with specific housing requests during a medical leave contact Housing Operations at (410) 617-5081 in the Office of Residence Life & Housing to discuss possible housing options.

Am I permitted to be on campus to visit friends and attend events?

It is strongly discouraged that students on a medical leave visit friends or attend events during their medical leave. The reason for this recommendation is to allow the student to focus on their health and wellness.

Am I able to take classes during the Medical Leave of Absence?

Generally, students on medical leave are not permitted to take classes away from Loyola. However, exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis and must include documentation from the appropriate licensed health care provider (therapist, psychiatrist, physician, etc.) which indicates that taking one or two classes would benefit the student’s progress and recovery. All classes taken away from Loyola must first be approved by AASC; a grade of C or better is required for the course to transfer into Loyola.

Am I able to register for classes while on a Medical Leave of Absence?

Students on a MLOA can request that their registration hold be lifted so that they can provisionally register for classes for the semester of anticipated return. This request should be directed to Dean of Undergraduate Studies at least one week before the scheduled registration date. If the After Care form (see below) is not submitted within the deadlines or is not approved, students will be removed from their pre-registered classes.

What is the process to return to Loyola after a Medical Leave of Absence?

A student who has requested a return from a MLOA must be able to demonstrate improvement from the precipitating concern, in addition to a progressive and sustained ability to cope with, address, and reduce the behaviors and concerns that necessitated a student’s temporary hiatus from Loyola University Maryland.

In order to demonstrate that the student has progressed, improved and presently exhibits readiness to return to Loyola, it is required that the student’s health care provider and/or treatment team submit the After Care Form to Student Development who may be reached by phone at (410) 617-5171 or by fax at (410) 617-5124. This documentation must include a clear summary of the student’s progress while away from the University, in addition to specific treatment recommendations that will facilitate a seamless transition back to Loyola University Maryland. Students are expected and required to follow all treatment recommendations that the health care provider includes for continued care. Any medical or psychological treatment that is recommended will need to occur with off-campus providers, and Loyola can assist with referrals if that would be helpful.

The After Care Form is due on December 1 for consideration for a spring semester return, May 1 for summer sessions, and July 15 for the fall semester. This timeline will allow for the Medical Review Committee to have sufficient time to review the documentation. Additionally, if the information that is received is insufficient or unclear, the University must have ample time to contact a student’s health care provider and/or treatment team to clarify questions and receive adequate documentation. If documentation is not received by the day it is due, and/or the University has received insufficient information and is unable to secure adequate documentation in a timely manner, a student’s return to the University may be denied.

When will I know whether the After Care Form has been approved?

Once the Medical Review Committee reviews and determines that there is sufficient evidence that supports a student’s eligibility to return, the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Studies will notify the student of the approval to return.

If ongoing treatment is recommended by a student’s health care provider and/or treatment team, the student is required to schedule an appointment with a local health care provider prior to their return to campus. This appointment will be verified by Director of Student Support and Wellness Promotion.

Additionally, if accommodations are indicated as part of the documentation process, the student should contact Disability Support Services at 410-617-2750 to register for and access the services.

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