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Mission Statement

Loyola's Women's Center is dedicated to empowering women and men by educating the University and its surrounding community on issues of gender that are of particular interest to women. Upholding traditions of the Society of Jesus and the Sisters of Mercy, the Center supports Loyola’s mission to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world.

A primary goal of the Center is making effective mentoring opportunities available to women from all quarters of our collegiate community. In addition, the Center actively works to promote an environment of equality and acceptance for all people of all religious beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, and sexual orientations.

In collaboration with other offices and departments across campus, the Center provides information, offers advocacy, and plans educational programs for faculty, staff, students, and, when appropriate, the general public. The Center is a resource open to all members of the Loyola community, serving both as a haven where women’s issues may be freely discussed and as a beacon which guides the community toward genuine gender equity.   

Students participating in service.

Contact Us

4504A Seton Court
Baltimore, MD 21210-2699

Instagram: @womenscenterloyola
Twitter: @loyolamdwc