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Jerome S. Cardin Memorial Lecture

Jerome S. Cardin Memorial Lecture - Celebrating 33 Years

Since the inception of the Jerome S. Cardin Memorial Lecture 33 years ago, Loyola has been host to a variety of engaging speakers discussing topics that bring together the Jewish and Christian communities. This year marks the 33rd Jerome S. Cardin Memorial Lecture at Loyola University Maryland. Here is a look back at the lectures that have enriched the educational experience for Loyola students and provided a forum for important discussion in our community:

Cardin Group Photo

A photo from the luncheon announcing the Jerome S. Cardin Chair in the Humanities and the Jerome S. Cardin Lecture. Foreground: Jacob L. Cardin; Left to right: Jacob's wife, Mrs. Florence J. Cardin; Jacob's son, Jerome S. Cardin '45; Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J.; Jerome's wife, Mrs. Shoshana Cardin; and George W. McManus, Esq. '43.

Cardin 1995

Rev. Harold Ridley, S.J.; Mrs. Shoshana Cardin, and His Eminence William Cardinal Keeler, the 1995 Cardin lecturer.


Adam Gopnik 2018 lecture

Believing Without Belief, Spirituality Without Team Spirit: Thinking about Tolerance in the Twenty-First Century

By Adam Gopnik


To view pictures from the event: Loyola Advancement on Flickr.

To view a recording of the event: 2018 Cardin Lecture - YouTube

Cardin 2017 

Spinoza on the Divinity of Scripture

By Steven Nadler, Ph.D.

To view a recording of the lecture, please click here. To view pictures from the event by Larry Canner Photography, please visit Loyola Advancement on Flickr.

  Cardin Lecture 2016  

Christian-Jewish Dialogue in a Most Unexpected Time

By Sharonah Fredrick, Ph.D.

To view a recording of the lecture, please click here.

 Cardin Lecture 2015, The Rise of Adam & Eve

The Rise and Fall of Adam & Eve

By Stephen Greenblatt, Ph.D.

 2014 Cardin Lecture  

General Grant and the Jews: The Election of 1868 and the Origins Of Jewish Politics in the United States

by Dr. Jonathan Sarna
From Rabbi to Nazi   

From Rabbi to Nazi: The Vicissitudes of Jesus in Modern Theology

by Susannah Heschel

 Cardin Lecture brochure from 2012

The Art of Dialogue: Jewish – Christian Relations in a Post-Shoah World

by Karen Baldner and Björn Krondorfer

Cardin 2011

Jerusalem, Jerusalem: Jewish-Christian Bonds—and Bondage—in the Holy City

by James Carroll

Cardin 2010

The Hidden Law in Bernard Malamud

by Philip Davis

Cardin 2009

Judaism and Christianity: A Category Mistake?

by Steve Mason

Cardin 2007

A Light for the Gentiles

by Thomas Sheehan

Cardin 2006

Addressing Different Audiences: Hannah Arendt's Writing Between Germany and the United States

by Barbara Hahn

Cardin 2005

The Beginning of Wisdom: Reading Genesis

by Leon R. Kass

Cardin 2004

Melville, Faulkner and the Biblical Strand of American Prose

by Robert Alter

Cardin 2003

Jewish Art/Christian Art? Symbiosis and Otherness

by Vivian B. Mann

Cardin 2002

Anger and Indifference - The Doubtful Future of the Catholic-Jewish Dialogue

by Peter Steinfels

Cardin 2001

The One God, Trinity, and the Jews

by Peter Ochs

Cardin 2000

Roman Perspectives on Jews and Judaism

by Erich S. Gruen

Cardin 1999

Re-visioning the Self: The Golden Calf

by Avivah Gottlieb Zornberg

Cardin 1998 

Unique Problems of the Holocaust

by Dr. Harry James Cargas

 Cardin 1997

Portia's Portrait: Representation As Exchange in The Merchant of Venice

by Marc Shell

 Cardin 1996

A Lesson in Aesthetics, Politics and Feeling

by Mark Rosenthal

The New Moment in Catholic-Jewish Relations

by His Eminence William Cardinal Keeler

Blacks, Christians, and Jews

by Dr. Cornel West

Martin Luther King, Jr., Rabbi Heschel, and the Prophetic Roots of Democracy

by Mr. Taylor Branch

Beyond Nietzsche: The Modern Concern for Victims

by Professor Rene Girard

Reading the Book: The Modern Concern of Victims

by Rabbi Burton Visotsky

The Recovery of the Jewish Heritage

by Merold Westphal

Defining Religious Identity: Christians and Jews in Seventh Century Byzantium

by Judith Herrin

The Challenge of the Church and Its Relationship to the Jewish People

by Paul Van Buren

Biblical Narrative: The Truth of History and The Truth of Fiction

by Robert Alter

An Evening with Chaim Potok

Chaim Potok