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Maymester 2023

Loyola's three-week summer session is for students who want to satisfy core or major requirements in a short time period, engage in service, and immerse themselves in new experiences. Maymester 2023 will run from Monday, May 22, through Sunday, June 11 and will include three-credit courses in communication, philosophy, physics, and political science.

Interested in registering for Maymester? Continuing undergraduate students must contact the academic advising and support center (AASC) in Maryland Hall 138, at 410-617-5050, or at AASC@loyola.edu to discuss summer course selection(s) prior to registering for the summer through Student Planning. For any additional questions, visit AASC in Maryland Hall 138 or call 410-617-5050. We look forward to seeing you at Loyola this summer!

Important Dates

2/28 - Registration Opens 
5/22 - Maymester Begins 
6/11 - Maymester Ends

Maymester 2023 Opportunities

CM 382: Introduction to Book Publishing

Contemporary print media from the publisher’s perspective, including editorial management, promotion, design, manufacturing, and new developments in the publishing industry.  Guest professionals provide deep insight into this still vibrant field.

PH 120: Introduction to the Universe (online, asynchronous)

Have you ever asked yourself these questions: 

Where are we in the universe ? How do we relate to the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars? How did the universe begin? What will happen to the universe in the future? Is there life in the universe besides us? 

If you have, then you are about to reveal the answers during the next three weeks! This course provides an essential and fundamental survey of modern astronomy and help s you develop the ability to independently analyze and solve basic problems in astronomy, gain scientific reasoning ability, and truly understand where we are in this big universe. You will learn the fundamental laws of physics, such as the law of motion, universal law of gravity, laws of the conservation of energy and angular momentum, and will apply these laws to understand astronomical systems (which include planets, stars and galaxies). 

PL 310: Business Ethics

A study of the relevance of ethics to business, with special emphasis on the similarities and differences between business and personal life. Case studies and special readings cover such topics as the social responsibilities of business and the notion of the economic common good.

PS 399: Beltway Politics

The culture and community “inside the beltway” affect national identity and public memory as well as national politics and policy. Bringing students up close to the nation’s capital itself, students study the ways in which Washington, D.C. was planned, developed, and continues to function as a center for national conversation and governance. Interacting with actual political operatives, advocates, and policy-makers, students in the course explore Washington, D.C. as a “laboratory” of experience, taking in its culture and its lessons before contextualizing these lessons with subsequent readings that provide historical context and counter-examples to the lessons gleaned from the intensive laboratory experience.

Maymester Abroad Opportunity

*NEW* Paris, France (3 Credits)


Dates: in Paris May 22 (departure May 21) to June 4, then virtually until June 11, 2023


HS 315: The French Revolution and Napoleon

Examines the many causes of revolutionary activity in France at the end of the eighteenth century. This course focuses on the aspirations of urban elites as well as the peasants in the provinces in order to study the vision of a more representative government. It also covers the role of the Committee of Public Safety and the use of violent repression during the Terror as a preamble to the work of Napoleon Bonaparte as both reformer and general. (Satisfies HS 300 level core and ML 300 level)


Cost: $3,850 (airfare not included).  Includes housing, breakfast, some meals, guided visits and field trips, local transportation.


Minimum: 12 participants


Application Deadline: First come, first served, until February 14, 2023.


Director: Dr. Andrew Ross (aross1@loyola.edu) Other contact: Dr. André Colombat (Acolombat@Loyola.edu)