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Summer Sessions

2020 On-Campus Courses

On-Campus Courses- 2020

*These are the anticipated Summer 2020 offerings. Course availability is subject to change and should be confirmed in WebAdvisor.

Loyola offers a variety of on-campus courses across the humanities, social sciences, natural and applied sciences, and business. Get ahead in your studies, or catch up to remain on track for graduation. Dig deeply into one or more areas of interest while enjoying all that our campus and the City has to offer! 


Summer Session II

Making of the Modern World- United States II 

Covers the history of the United States since the Civil War as the nation grew into an industrial and international power, and as it struggled to transform itself from a nineteenth-century republic that restricted citizenship rights along racial and gender lines into a diverse modern society. Topics include: Reconstruction; urban/industrial development and reform; immigration and the expansion and contraction of democracy in the early twentieth century; the world wars; the Great Depression; postwar culture and society; the impact of the Cold War; social movements; and the fracturing of consensus. Closed to students who have taken HS 341.

TH201: Introduction to Theology 

 An introduction to the Jewish and Christian scriptures, the history of Christianity, and the way these texts and traditions challenge, and are challenged by, the contemporary world.