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Message from Terrence M. Sawyer, J.D., Loyola’s president: Reflecting on the beatification of Rev. Rutilio Grande, S.J.

Terrence M. Sawyer, J.D., president, released this statement related to the Jan. 22, 2022, beatification of Rev. Rutilio Grande, S.J., Franciscan missionary Fr. Cosme Spessotto, Manuel Solórzano, and Nelson Rutilio Lemus: 

“The lives of these men demonstrated a true commitment to the service of faith and promotion of justice. Through their accompaniment of the people of El Salvador, these men demonstrated to us the importance of being people for and with others. As the Vatican beatifies these individuals on their path to sainthood, we can consider how their lives of conviction and courage offer purpose and inspiration. Rev. Rutilio Grande, S.J., offered his voice to advocate for the poor, arguing for the rights of workers, and helped make the Catholic faith more accessible to others. His life—and death—have ignited many, including his classmate, St. Oscar Romero, who was profoundly changed after the assassination of these four men. Fr. Grande is quoted as saying, “The Gospel has to grow little feet,” words that can call us to put our faith into action. I had the opportunity to visit El Salvador on an immersion trip a few years ago, and that experience helped me grow in my own faith. May each of us consider how we can pray with and for Fr. Grande and his companions as we work to create a more just, more peaceful world.” 

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