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More than 97% of Loyola’s Class of 2022 is employed or continuing education, survey reports

Loyola University Maryland Fernandez Center

Loyola University Maryland’s Class of 2022 First Destination Survey reported that more than 97% of graduates were employed, enrolled in graduate school, or engaged in postgraduate service or military service. The findings are higher than the past two years of Loyola’s survey results.

First Destination Survey refers to the postgraduate plans of Loyola University Maryland graduates within six months of graduation.

“The success of our graduates is a testament to a Jesuit education that shapes leaders who possess durable skills for a diverse and changing world,” said Christina J. Spearman, Ed.D., assistant vice president for career development. “These strong results highlight the value of a Loyola education even as many job sectors face uncertain times.”

The key data from the First Destination Survey demonstrates:

  • 97.1% of Loyola graduates were employed, enrolled in graduate school, or engaged in post-graduate service or military service
  • 31.6% of graduating seniors continued education, up from 24.22% in 2021
  • 78.4% knowledge rate of graduates

Loyola uses National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) methodology, the national standard, for collecting and reporting results.

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