Suzanne Keilson, Ph.D.

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Suzanne Keilson, Ph.D., associate professor of engineering, has taught at Loyola for 24 years. She received her Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Columbia University after working at the Hubble Space Telescope at Perkin-Elmer in Connecticut. The Brooklyn, N.Y. native has served in both faculty and administrative roles at Loyola, and says she likes being able to work across various divisions, units, and departments. Dr. Keilson, who served as the first female chair of the board at Ner Tamid Synagogue in Baltimore, values Loyola’s Jesuit tradition as an important component to her Messina courses. “The benefits of a Jesuit and liberal arts-based education is that it makes you an all-around communicator, thinker, and problem solver,” says Dr. Keilson, who is excited to work with the University Innovation Fellows and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship on Loyola's campus. Her scholarship focuses on biomedical engineering, design and innovation education, and materials science. 

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Suzanne Keilson
Loyola has grown considerably from when I first started teaching here, but it has also managed to maintain its unique character, quirkiness, and lovability—just like the City of Baltimore.

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