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Department of Classics


The Classics department is a regular contributor to the Messina program.

Dr. McCreight offers a course "Race, Conquest and Identity in Ancient North Africa." The course introduces students to questions of race, imperialism, and cultural/ethnic identity in ancient North Africa both before and after the Roman conquest. This course fulfill Loyola’s diversity course requirement.

Dr. Walsh offers a course called "The Gladiator." The course uses texts ancient and modern (e.g., The Colosseum, The Sourcebook on the Roman Games) and films and television shows (e.g., Gladiator, Spartacus, The Hunger Games) to illuminate the intersection of cruelty, ideology, and entertainment in the ancient arena. Both courses will also count as majors classes for our classical civilization majors.

Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh, Ph.D.

Joseph Walsh, Ph.D., teaches classics and history at Loyola and is a co-director of the Honors Program

Classics, History