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Robert S. Miola

Bob Miola


Robert Miola, Gerard Manley Hopkins professor of English, and professor of classics, received his Ph.D from the University of Rochester. His research interests include Shakespeare, Renaissance drama and poetry, and the classical backgrounds of English literature. He is the author of Shakespeare's Reading, Shakespeare's Rome, Shakespeare and Classical Comedy: The Influence of Plautus and Terence, Shakespeare and Classical Tragedy: The Influence of Seneca, and as well as numerous articles, most recently "Early Modern Antigones: Receptions, Refractions, Replays," forthcoming in Oxford's new journal, Classical Receptions.

Why I love Classics

Classics has the best authors writing about all the great questions in works of lasting beauty and power. There is always so much more to know: languages, law, linguistics, history, economics, literature, art, archaeology; virtually all fields of human endeavor and inquiry illuminate each other and the ancient world. Studying Classics, one can remain a student forever, eager for new learning, excited about new discoveries, tutored by great minds. And being a student is the highest vocation of the University and one of the best things about being born a human being.

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