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The Classics Department is a true community of scholars, a place where students and faculty come together to grow intellectually.  The faculty is devoted to nurturing students in a supportive and often fun, yet academically rigorous, atmosphere.  Professors regularly hold classes in their offices, offer independent studies to fit the needs of the students, and open their homes to them for departmental activities.  You will often find Classics students studying and hanging out in the Classics Lounge.  If you are interested in joining this community, come talk to one of the faculty.  Or better yet, talk to the students to get their take.


The Boukrania are up!

For those who don't know the story:  Boukrania (ox-skulls left over from sacrifice, with a cornucopia-type garland strung between them) are a common artistic theme in Roman art (see the attached image of what the inside of the Ara Pacis in Rome would have looked like painted. Looking at this, I realize that we need to add some ribbons to the horns and somehow make them flutter on the wall. We're on it.). So, one day, Calix O'Hara '17 (Classical Civilization and History, completing a research Fulbright in Belgium) says "My uncle has a slaughterhous, I bet he could get us some ox-heads." And we say, "Okay." So Calix has two ox-heads shipped to the Loyola postoffice, where they arrive in boxes that are kind of drippy and smelly (yikes!). They were then shipped off to Dave Rivers in Biology who works on necrophagous flies, that is, flies that eat corpses and dead animals. The skulls lived on the roof of the biology building for about a year as Dr. Rivers's flies did their work. Then another year in the sun, drying out. Finally, Kelly Mueller '18 (Classics, just starting a HS Ph.D at Indiana University. Hi, Kelly! ) and some other majors shellacked the skulls and gilded the horns and figured out where they should go in the lounge. One picture shows Kelly and Santino Casola '21 working that out. Maintenance has just hung them on the walls, and they are a fine, fine addition to the Classics lounge. 








Each December, Dr. Walsh hosts the department Holiday Party at his house.  The quality of the food is matched only by the Classics-themed faculty and student video clips. 


In the Spring, students are invited to an end of the year party (usually at Dr. Taylor's house).  Faculty and students bring selections of their favorite Greek or Latin texts (in translation) to share.  These have, in recent years, ranged from the touchingly beautiful to the bawdy.  Classics covers a wide range of literary genres, after all!



But the Classics Lounge is where the daily activities take place.  Students have space to study, a microwave to warm their lunches, a small library to use, and even a bust of the Greek poet Sappho to leave offerings to before exams.



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Gavin Blasdel

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