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Data Science

Industrial Collaboration

Employers can register to become an industrial collaborator and work with Loyola Data Science students on their capstone projects.

Sponsor a Capstone Project

Develop a relationship with a team of students while solving a research problem plaguing your organization. Our students get real-world research experience and you get a team dedicated to solving your problem.

Offer an Internship

Once you've met a group of students and developed a relationship with them, you might want to consider offering an internship or two at your company. You test drive a future employee and our students add to their ever-increasing skill set. It's a win-win situation.

Recruit Our Students

You developed a great working relationship with our students through their capstone project and internship. Now you know they'll be successful at your company. Plus our students will be inclined to accept your job offer because they have an excellent understanding of your organization.

Industrial Advisory Board

Jason Barbour - Erias Ventures, Data Works MD
Brian Behe - Red Alpha
Edward Fortunato - Constellation Energy
Daniel Hood - ClearEdge IT Solutions
Thomas Iler - Catalyte
Ann Irvine - Arceo
Scott Jachimski - Booz Allen Hamilton
Kevin McMahon - Booz Allen Hamilton
Ed Mullin - Think Systems
Daniel Ra - Red Alpha
Jack Riddle - Northrop Grumman
Melissa Marsh Ross - VisiQuate - Melissa Marsh Ross
Amit Kumar Singh - Asymmetrik
Joseph Warfield - Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Mark Wicks - Xometry

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