Loyola University Maryland

Department of Engineering


The Knott/Donnelly science complex is the largest academic building on campus, providing students with a modern and well-equipped environment for undergraduate study and research.

The engineering department, located on two floors of the Donnelly Science Center, has a number of modern engineering laboratories. All of the laboratories are available for undergraduate student use for courses, design projects and research activities with faculty.

Electronics Laboratory

  • 8 workstations consisting of Hewlett Packard 54600B Oscilloscope (100 MHz)
  • Fluke 45 Multimeter
  • Leader LFG-1300S Function Generator
  • Elenco Precision Quad Power Supply
  • Heathkit 3700 Digital Logic Educational Unit
  • Circuit Breadboard

Computer Laboratory

  • A network of computers specifically reserved for engineering students
  • Additional computers are available in the adjacent student lounge/meeting room
  • 17" EV700 monitors
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4050TN printer
  • Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5300C scanner

Signal Processing/Communications Laboratory

  • Dell Dimension 8400 Digital Signal Processing Workstation
  • Texas Instruments TMS320C6201 Digital Signal Processing Evaluation Module
  • Agilent 4-channel DSO 6034A (300 MHz)
  • National Instruments AT-MIO-16E-2 data acquisition board (16 channel, 500 ksamples/sec)
  • Texas Instruments TMS320C30 Digital Signal Processing Evaluation Module
  • Hewlett Packard 8591E Spectrum Analyzer
  • Hewlett Packard 4396B Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer (1.8 GHz) with Demonstration Toolkit

Materials, Mechanics and Metallurgy Laboratories

  • Chatillon LRX Computerized Materials Tester (500+ lb capacity)
  • Pro-Craft Material Oven (2500° F)
  • Leco M-400 Hardness Tester
  • Zeiss Benchtop Metallograph ICM-405
  • Drop-weight impact tester (senior design project)
  • Off-axis tensile tester (senior design project)
  • Philips PW 1729 X-Ray Generator with Laue Back-Reflection Camera and Goniometer
  • Instron Universal Materials Testing Machine (11,000 lb capacity)

Instron Universal Materials Testing Machine

  • Armfield Subsonic Wind Tunnel

Armfield Subsonic Wind Tunnel

  • P. A. Hilton Heat Exchanger Test Rig

Hilton Heat Exchanger Test Rig


Raenita Fenner

Raenita Fenner, Ph.D.

Meet an engineering professor who is teaching her students to be lifelong learners