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The Knott/Donnelly science complex is the largest academic building on campus, providing students with a modern and well-equipped environment for undergraduate study and research.

The engineering department, located on two floors of the Donnelly Science Center, has a number of modern engineering laboratories. All of the laboratories are available for undergraduate student use for courses, design projects and research activities with faculty.

Electronics Laboratory

  • 8 workstations consisting of Hewlett Packard 54600B Oscilloscope (100 MHz)
  • Fluke 45 Multimeter
  • Leader LFG-1300S Function Generator
  • Elenco Precision Quad Power Supply
  • Heathkit 3700 Digital Logic Educational Unit
  • Circuit Breadboard

Computer Laboratory

  • A network of computers specifically reserved for engineering students
  • Additional computers are available in the adjacent student lounge/meeting room
  • 17" EV700 monitors
  • Hewlett Packard LaserJet 4050TN printer
  • Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5300C scanner

Signal Processing/Communications Laboratory

  • Dell Dimension 8400 Digital Signal Processing Workstation
  • Texas Instruments TMS320C6201 Digital Signal Processing Evaluation Module
  • Agilent 4-channel DSO 6034A (300 MHz)
  • National Instruments AT-MIO-16E-2 data acquisition board (16 channel, 500 ksamples/sec)
  • Texas Instruments TMS320C30 Digital Signal Processing Evaluation Module
  • Hewlett Packard 8591E Spectrum Analyzer
  • Hewlett Packard 4396B Network/Spectrum/Impedance Analyzer (1.8 GHz) with Demonstration Toolkit

Materials, Mechanics and Metallurgy Laboratories

  • Chatillon LRX Computerized Materials Tester (500+ lb capacity)
  • Pro-Craft Material Oven (2500° F)
  • Leco M-400 Hardness Tester
  • Zeiss Benchtop Metallograph ICM-405
  • Drop-weight impact tester (senior design project)
  • Off-axis tensile tester (senior design project)
  • Philips PW 1729 X-Ray Generator with Laue Back-Reflection Camera and Goniometer
  • Instron Universal Materials Testing Machine (11,000 lb capacity)

Instron Universal Materials Testing Machine

  • Armfield Subsonic Wind Tunnel

Armfield Subsonic Wind Tunnel

  • P. A. Hilton Heat Exchanger Test Rig

Hilton Heat Exchanger Test Rig




Summer research with the Hauber Fellowship program allows undergraduates to spend 10 weeks each summer working on an independent project under the guidance of Loyola faculty.