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Faculty & Staff



Summer research with the Hauber Fellowship program allows undergraduates to spend 10 weeks each summer working on an independent project under the guidance of Loyola faculty.
Name Type Email Phone Location
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Hossein Aghababa Assistant Teaching Professor 410-617-2826 KH 301B
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Doug Ashworth Affiliate Instructor
Rob Bailey
Robert Bailey Professor
Faculty 410-617-2564 DS166
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Nakia Davis Program Assistant
Staff 410-617-7455 DS 127A
Professor Elban
Wayne Elban Professor Emeritus
Faculty 410-617-2853 DS 158
Professor Fenner
Raenita Fenner Assistant Professor
Faculty 410-617-2512 DS166
Dr. David Hoe
David Hoe Associate Professor
Faculty 410-617-5584 DS164
Dr. Suzanne Keilson
Suzanne Keilson Associate Professor
Faculty 410-617-2608 DS 149
Dr. Kim
Hoyeon Kim Teaching Assistant Professor
Faculty 410-617-2853 DS 164
Yanko Kranov
Yanko Kranov Teaching Assistant Professor
Faculty 410-617-2577 DS061
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Mark Krawczewicz Affiliate Instructor
Faculty 410-617-2464 DS 125a
Sarvnaz Lotfi
Sarvnaz Lotfi Affiliate Instructor
Faculty 410-617-5188 DS 158
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Marcia Middleton Affiliate Assistant Professor
Professor Pond
Robert Pond, Jr. Affiliate Professor
Faculty 410-617-5563 DS152
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Naresh Poudel Affiliate Instructor