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New Materials Engineering Experiment

New Materials Engineering Lab Experiment to Be Implemented in Spring 2014

To broaden exposure to various types of materials, a new two-week experiment was developed over the summer for students to perform next semester in Materials Science Lab (EG 051) that involves measuring the viscosities of a number of liquids and slurries commonly found in the home.  Using recently acquired Brookfield viscometers (model  RVDV-E) equipped with spindles 01 to 07, the behaviors  of new and used motor oils, of kitchen items such as peanut butter and corn starch-water, and of personal hygiene items such as shampoo and styling gel were characterized as a function of spindle rotational speed. 



Summer research with the Hauber Fellowship program allows undergraduates to spend 10 weeks each summer working on an independent project under the guidance of Loyola faculty.