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Renia Zervos Awarded Libra Group Internship in London

Renia Zervos in Her Own Words

I am London-bound this summer for an internship at the headquarters of the Libra Group, a privately owned global conglomerate whose subsidiaries span a range of industries including shipping, aviation, real estate, construction, energy, and hospitality.  The Libra Group is a family-owned company that values opportunity by giving students the chance to take full-time placements at the Libra Group or one of its subsidiaries at one of the Group’s 22 international locations.

A Libra internship will change my life, opening a door to a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and mentorship that my first-generation Greek-American parents could likely not have fathomed accessing when they were young adults. Given Libra’s commitment to social responsibility and ethics, values that my parents emphasize to me, I cannot conceive of a better place to learn, work, and serve.

I am excited to be a part of the Libra Group by working for Lomar Shipping in summer 2013. The company is a leading ship owner and operator with over 35 years of history. They have a diversified fleet of over 50 bulk carriers, container ships, offshore vessels, LPG (gas carriers), and product and chemical tankers.  

For more information regarding Lomar Shipping, please visit their website at

“Libra Group is a young and dynamic organization which has experienced significant growth over the past decade. We are pleased to be able to launch a global internship program which will provide opportunities for students to learn about our businesses, strategy and management philosophy while they further develop the skills that will ensure their future success.”

George Logothetis, Chairman and CEO of Libra Group



Summer research with the Hauber Fellowship program allows undergraduates to spend 10 weeks each summer working on an independent project under the guidance of Loyola faculty.