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Global Studies

Student Profiles

Kellianne Hickey 16', Global Studies Medalist

What really made me decide to become a Global Studies major was seeing Tony Blair speak my first year at Loyola. I wanted to understand how the world works a little better. The way the major combines political science, economics, history and sociology was very appealing to me. Going to college at a Jesuit school as a Global Studies major definitely changed my perspective on life. My experience at Loyola exposed me to the many problems that plague society, such as racial and gender inequality, but also deepened my resolve to actively fight these forces to create a better tomorrow.  My favorite Global Studies experience would have to be working on my project for the Senior Seminar Class: "Title IX: Promoting a Safer Loyola.” We were able to take the global phenomenon of gender violence and apply it to the local problem of sexual violence on college campuses. To see months of work come together in the final initiative that we presented was very fulfilling. Thank you for a great four years!

Mark Woodall '16

Mark Woodall

I chose Global Studies because it offered me a chance to study issues I care about from multiple perspectives and points of view. I learned to see global problems as local problems, and gained analytical skills across various fields – from economics to political science, to sociology and more. My experience abroad in Chile was only reinforced and enriched by the courses I took in Global Studies.  After graduation, I have accepted a job in the Analyst Development Rotational Program at UnitedHealth Group in Columbia, MD.

Jacquelyn Hardenburgh '16

I chose Global Studies as my major because it fit my various interests and allowed for me to expand as both a student and a person. Being a Global Studies major has enhanced my experience at Loyola by introducing me to incredible professors and some of my best friends. Upon graduation, I will start working in New York City as a Marketing Project Manager at Lokai.

Michael Intrabartola '16

Michael IntrabartolaAfter graduation I will be commissioning as a Second Lieutenant in the New York Army National Guard. While being an Infantry officer part time I will be attending the NYPD academy with aspirations of joining their counterterrorism unit. My reasoning for studying Global Studies at Loyola was to gain a better knowledge of world culture as I will be deployed overseas at some point during my career. Understanding other cultures just as much as your own is important in the United States today because most jobs you walk into provide groups of individuals from many different cultures. Being able to understand where they come from and to build a strong team out of that is a critical trait to any employer. I hope to take the knowledge gained from my time spent in the Global Studies department forward with me to help lead my soldiers in a diverse world and to serve the diverse population of New York City.