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Letters of Recommendation

Decide which two faculty members you will ask to write your letters of recommendation. These should be faculty members who have taught you and can write strong letters for you. Unless you graduated more than a few years ago, law schools generally do not want an employer’s letter in lieu of a faculty members’ letter though such a letter might serve as a third letter. Give each of your letter writers the following:

  • The LSDAS bar coded letter of recommendation form online at the LSAC site which you have fully executed; fill in the name, address, etc. of the person writing the letter;
  • Your resume;
  • A transcript or WebAdvisor printout;
  • Copies of written work you have done in the classes you have had from the person writing the letter; and
  • A stamped envelope, addressed to LSDAS.

Very soon after asking someone to write, send them a thank you note. This is good manners, and it can help them not procrastinate writing the letter.

If the writer asks you what should be included in the letter, visit the Accepted website.

See the Application Process FAQ for additional information.