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The LSAT is essential to your acceptance into law school. It is accepted by all American Bar Association accredited schools and your performance on the test remains the most important single element of admission to law school. The LSAT is administered by the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC). For many years it was given in group testing rooms with in-person proctors. Since COVID the LSAT has changed to an online only format with remote proctoring. LSAC provides a great deal of information about the test on their website. Test preparation materials are imperative for your success on the LSAT, and a great starting point are the free ones offered by LSAC. Many private companies also sell test prep books and web access, and most applicants choose to supplement what LSAC provides with other offerings.

Loyola offers LSAT test taking rooms in the library. To reserve a dedicated exam room, please email the Access Services Operations Supervisor, Michelle Williams (, with the subject line “LSAT Testing Support” at least one week prior to the test date.