Loyola University Maryland

Pre-Law Program

Financing Law School

Things to Do Now

  • If you have not already done so, telephone the Financial Aid Officer of each law school you are applying to and request their “financial aid package.” Do not wait until you are accepted by the law school. Contact them now.
  • Check your credit rating. If your credit is not good, you will not receive a loan. If you have been late by sixty days even once on a credit card payment, you may not have a good credit rating. Thus, check your credit now since it can take a while to correct errors, etc. View Experian’s advice about repairing a credit rating.
  • Because of the point made above, get rid of credit cards now. Obviously you are being manipulated by them, and since many credit card companies report you to credit agencies for even one late payment, they care nothing at all for you. Make other arrangements for emergencies and stop rationalizing a choice of remaining in the grip of a credit card and at the mercy of these reprehensible brigands.
  • Make arrangements now to pay down debts. If you have serious debt problems, see the pre-law advisor for a referral to someone who can help you work out a debt-reduction plan.
  • For any questions, telephone the financial aid officer(s) of the schools you are considering. They are usually quite receptive to your telephone calls and to your questions and concerns; do not hesitate to contact them.
  • Be completely forthcoming and accurate in providing all data requested by the school. Do not hide data or commit any act which might be considered fraudulent or you can kiss law school goodbye... forever!