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Loyola Career Ambassadors

The LCA hiring process for the 2024-2025 academic year is live!

The Rizzo Career Center offers a paid leadership position (work study and direct hire) to build strong relationships with individuals inside and outside of the Loyola community, engage in exploration with peers and professionals, and develop polished skills to succeed in the world of work. See below to learn more about the application process, qualifications, responsibilities, and benefits for this opportunity!

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Application Process and Timeline

  1. Applications are accepted from Monday, January 16th - Friday, March 8th
  2. Select candidates will be contacted between March 11th -15th with an invitation to interview. All candidates will receive an email during this time with an update to the status of their application.
  3. Interviews will take place in person from March 18th - 27th.
  4. Hired LCAs will move in early, between August 24th - 26th.
  5.  Start date is August 27th for a week of training (8/27 - 8/30)


  1. Enrolled as a full-time Loyola student for the 2024-2025 academic year (with priority given to rising sophomores and juniors)
  2. Complete the application and interview process by the stated deadlines
  3. Be available for the entire 2024-2025 academic year, unless you are studying abroad 
  4. Available to work a minimum of 6-8 hours per week
  5. Ability to commit in full to pre-fall training (the week before classes begin)
  6. Available to attend all team meetings/trainings and major events (including some nights/weekends)
  7. No prior career experience is necessary to apply, but job/extracurricular experience is a plus! 
  8. Preference is given to those with a strong up-to-date resume. If you have questions about your resume, please utilize the samples on our resources page or schedule a resume review appointment with us on Handshake

A Day in the Life of an LCA

The Loyola Career Ambassadors have the unique opportunity to further develop their own networking skills, career understanding, and personal documents while providing the same support to their fellow Greyhounds. The LCAs are surrounded by a team of 8 professional staff members who are invested in the individual personal and professional development of each student employee. 

Sometimes and LCAs day is filled with many pre-scheduled appointments on Handshake. Other times, the LCAs who cover drop-in hours are helping students as they come with no preplanned appointments. LCAs also have the opportunity to present to varying classes on what services are offered, how to utilize our platforms, and the best tips and tricks for creating resumes and cover letters, exploring interests, and finding majors/jobs that match those interests. When there is downtime, LCAs manage our event queue in Handshake, check the LoyolaReady email inbox, chat with tours as they pass by, and take care of any additional office needs and projects at the time. Typically, LCAs will do a little bit of everything during their shifts depending on the times they work. As you can see, every LCA day is different!  

LCA Role Responsibilities

  1. Customer Service
    • Greet Career Center visitors and answer phones to direct them to the appropriate team or professional staff member
    • In-the-moment Internet search or inquiry with fellow team members to provide answers and resources for students 
    • Maintain professional and approachable verbal and nonverbal language while managing the welcome area

  2. Peer Appointments and Presentations
    • Assist fellow students with resume and cover letter reviews, navigating Handshake, Career Center resources and career-related inquiries
    • Mentor peers through their career development process 
    • Facilitate conversations through various settings (Pop-Ups, Classrooms, Etc.) to normalize career process and help students establish their own goals, identify next steps, and to help them understand resources
    • Present classroom and residence hall workshops and information sessions

  3. General Support for Career Center Operations
    • Engage with team of fellow LCAs to develop skills and collaborate on team projects as assigned
    • Trained to work with the diverse student population that includes undergraduate students, and graduate students 
    • Receive ongoing training in the following: Providing constructive feedback to peers, learning to articulate skills and strengths, writing professionally, including resumes, cover letters, and other professional correspondence 
    • Help keep office, lounge, and general area organized and clean
    • Run errands (i.e. dropping off or obtaining documents or items from other offices across campus, hang flyers throughout campus, etc.) 
    • Work in “Teams” website to create, receive, and file documents 

Ways to Improve Your Application

  1. Create/revise an up-to-date resume using the resume samples on the Career Center's Resources page.
  2. Schedule an appointment with a current LCA or professional staff member on Handshake to explore your relevant skills and interests, learn resume best practices, have your resume reviewed, and prepare for your interview.
  3. Swing by The Career Center during drop-in hours to chat with an LCA about their experience - Monday – Friday from 12pm-3pm! 
  4. Reach out to the LCA supervisor, Kaitlyn Winner, Assistant Director of Career Readiness, with any questions regarding the LCA role, application and hiring process, or the Rizzo Career Center in general!

Required Skills and Role Benefits

The Career Center utilizes the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) competencies focused on informing students of the necessary understandings required for successful transition into the workplace. While many of these skills are developed through the Loyola Career Ambassador (LCA) position, aspects of each should be apparent in each candidate’s application, resume, and/or interview.

Career and Self Development 

  • As an LCA, you will learn necessary skills to assist others in their career development, including facilitating exploratory conversations, building strong networks within/outside of Loyola, and motivating peers.
  • Ideal candidates are able to articulate strengths and areas to grow with a willingness to accept feedback and seek/implement new solutions. 


  • As an LCA, you will be trained on serving as a peer mentor, presenting to visiting classes and tour groups, and communicating effectively and professionally with team members and the Loyola community.  
  • Ideal LCA candidates demonstrate the importance of listening and remaining engaged in meaningful conversations while being mindful of personal biases.

Critical Thinking  

  • As an LCA, you will be exposed to data, overlapping tasks, and many resources to gather information and develop an understanding of the priorities of an organization. 
  • Ideal LCA candidates are able to showcase decision-making and problem-solving skills. 

Equity and Inclusion

  • As an LCA, you will develop a deeper understanding of the Loyola Community and how to help peers identify resources and eliminate barriers created by systemic inequities and biases that they may confront in their career pursuits.
  • Ideal LCA candidates are able to articulate ways in which they have sought to understand their own personal and social identities as well experiences that enhance their ability to create a more inclusive and equitable campus environment. 


  • As an LCA, you will receive opportunities to work on projects, lead class presentations, adapt to the needs of the office/team, and positively represent The Career Center. 
  • Ideal LCA candidates are able to showcase campus and/or community involvement through leadership role, such as jobs, clubs, volunteer work, class projects, or other ways they provided assistance to someone else. 


  • As an LCA, you will exercise time management & organizational skills, engage in frequent professional development from individuals within/outside of Loyola, receive mid-year evaluations and ongoing feedback from supervisors, and serve as an ambassador of the mission and values of the Rizzo Career Center to the larger community. 
  • Ideal LCA candidates are able to articulate the importance of timeliness, accountability, organization, task completion, and dependability within a team-oriented, student services office.


  • As an LCA, you will receive training and resources on effective collaboration within a large group while adhering to the expectations and priorities of The Career Center.  
  • Ideal LCA candidates are able to articulate the importance of working as a cohesive team and collaborating with others, while handling conflicts, disagreement, and uncertainty with respect and professionalism.


  • As an LCA, you will receive ongoing trainings to gain comfort with the various software and tools utilized regularly at the Center - Handshake, LoyolaConnect, Big Interview, Microsoft 365, and LinkedIn.
  • Ideal LCA candidates are able to articulate the importance of technology in career development and demonstrate the ability to assist students in navigating and making the most of the career platforms the Center offers.
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