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About Us

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Whether you begin your journey at Loyola with a specific goal in mind or not, you're here because of your commitment to developing yourself and preparing for the next steps in your life.

Our approach is grounded in the reality that a one-size fits all approach doesn’t work in navigating the career journey of today's students and professionals. We've created a unique four phase process to meet any student or graduate where they are and help them move forward with purpose.

Discover, Explore, Pursue, Prepare

Our phased approach includes an initial cycle of self-discovery and experience aligned with Loyola’s commitment to the Ignatian Pedagogy. Once you develop a confident vision of what you want to pursue, the final two phases focus on practical preparation and pursuit.


Understanding who you are: values, interests, and talents:

  • Meet with a career advisor
  • Take an interest assessment
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • CareerLeader (Sellinger graduate students and alumni only)
  • Utilize exploration activities/exercises
  • Reflect on accomplishments and future goals
  • Attend a self-discovery and discernment session sponsored by the career center


Gain broad experience in the world:


Get ready to present your best self on paper, online, and in person:

  • Build your baseline resume
  • Create a LinkedIn account
  • Join Handshake and fill out your profile
  • Learn what interviewers are looking for and practice your interview skills on Big Interview
  • Refine your resume/cover letter for a specific path


Confidently execute your job, internship, or graduate school search:

  • Search for great opportunities in Handshake
  • Utilize the on-campus interview program
  • Interact with alumni to discover hidden opportunities (Loyola Connect powered by PeopleGrove)
  • Join career fairs with local and regional employers
  • Get coached on job search strategies

Once you achieve your goal in the active pursuit phase, the journey is not over! Throughout your career you will continue to discover new things about yourself as you learn and explore different opportunities. Our four-phase process is one you’ll keep revisiting through your entire career. Whatever phase you find yourself in right now, let’s get started working together today.