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Family Members

It is our mission to help students discover their career passion through a process of personal discovery, discernment, and providing guidance as they actively pursue career opportunities. As you already know, the career development process extends beyond the campus and into the world. The sooner our students begin to gain experience of any kind with potential career paths, the better. This is where you can help!

Loyola Connect

Loyola has partnered with PeopleGrove to develop a custom, Loyola-only career networking platform to help students, alumni, and friends of the University connect around career topics.

Supporting Your Student

Learn ways to support your student with our First Year and Career Checklist.

Some quick tips on more ways you can support your student through the career development process:

  1. Consider doing some research around advice for parents on giving career guidance to their children. We’re especially fond of this article from Harvard Business Review.
  2. Encourage your student to visit The Career Center when the time is right for him/her. Help us get the word out that our office is not only about resume reviews and job searches later in college; we want to support their exploration process beginning with the first year.
  3. Make sure your student gets registered with Handshake, Loyola’s home for job and internship postings, career-related events, and making appointments with our team.
  4. Promote networking. Introduce your student to other professionals - your co-workers, friends, people you know through professional, community and social experiences. Encourage him or her to join Loyola Connect and explore potential career paths by connecting with real people in those roles.
  5. Keep an eye on our events page to learn about career focused events on campus, and ask your student if he or is planning to attend them.