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The Career Center has invested in bringing best-in-class technology to our students and alumni. We have selected two primary platforms to help us accomplish three key goals:

  1. Providing students and alumni with the best job and internship opportunities
  2. Connecting our students, alumni and friends of the University to create a powerful career-focused Greyhound network
  3. Sharing information about career events and making the appointment process seamless


Loyola is a member of the Handshake network of universities, where 500,000+ companies focus their efforts to recruit top college talent. It’s also our system for promoting and managing all kinds of career events around campus, scheduling student appointments, and leveraging analytics to understand our students’ interests and needs.

Loyola Connect powered by PeopleGrove

More than ever before, career success is defined not only by what you know, but who you know. And that success is not just about landing a job – it’s about leveraging a network of supporters to help you learn about the possibilities and define a career path that fits who you are and what you want.

Loyola Connect is our University’s central hub for students, alumni, parents, and friends of Loyola to find each other and reach out for conversations about career paths, industry-specific resume tips, job shadowing, and much more. Nearly, 5,500 students, alumni and friends of the university are registered and connect around career topics.

Big Interview

The Big Interview platform is an interview practice system that meets students and alumni wherever they are. It combines a proven, step by step curriculum of expert video lessons with its AI-based virtual practice interview tools to make students and alumni expert interviewers in no time.