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Messina Working Groups

Schedule an Enrichment Session at The Rizzo Career Center

The Rizzo Career Center offers several workshops for Messina classes as first year students begin to familiarize themselves with the many wonderful resources around campus!

We host our workshops in our space (located on the first floor of the Fernandez Center) and our Loyola Career Ambassadors (LCAs) will facilitate the entire enrichment session so you can enjoy the workshop with them.

When your Messina students visit our space, they'll get the chance to see our Loyola Career Ambassadors in action, helping students 1-1, assisting with administrative tasks, or facilitating your presentation! Your students will also become familiar with the location of our offices, interview rooms, and lounge area where many of our events and appointments are held. 

We strive for all First-Year Students to complete our first workshop: "Starting Your Career Journey with The Rizzo Career Center." We then encourage Messina working groups to come back for a second workshop over the course of the academic year.

Your First Career Center Enrichment Session

Starting Your Career Journey with the Rizzo Career Center

Every Messina section's first workshop will be “Starting Your Career Journey with The Rizzo Career Center." This interactive workshop assists students in beginning or continuing their career exploration journey by encouraging active self-reflection and discernment and giving them hands-on practice with the career tools all Loyola students should use over their four years.

Schedule your Messina visit to The Rizzo Career Center today!

Your Second Career Center Enrichment Session

For your second visit, we have three additional workshops tailored for Messina students!

Major & Career Exploration

In this workshop, students will explore various career options related to Loyola’s majors. We will share resources and tips on career research to help students identify potential careers for the majors they are considering. This workshop is helpful for first-year students as they prepare to declare a major and envision where that major may take them.

Resume Preparation

In this presentation, students will learn the current best practices for resume creation and maintenance. Topics include formatting, crafting informative and concise bullet points, the concept of tailoring resumes to specific opportunities, and a brief introduction to cover letters. This workshop is beneficial for students as they begin applying for on-campus leadership roles, on-campus jobs, and future internships given the difference in resume styles from high school to college.

Strong Interest Inventory Group Debrief

The Strong Interest Inventory is a career assessment tool that measures an individual’s interest across 6 general themes, providing recommended career fields and job titles to explore based on the individual’s responses. The goal of this assessment is to help individuals find careers that fit their interests that they are most likely to enjoy. Students will need to take the Strong Interest Inventory at least 3 business days prior to this debriefing workshop ($15 per person - link to the assessment will be sent to the contact provided on the request form to send out to students).

Schedule your Messina visit to The Rizzo Career Center today!

Have questions? Feel free to email for further assistance! We are looking forward to hosting your students!