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Using ChatGPT and AI in the Career Development Process

Guidance for Loyola Community Members

“AI is a tool and like any tool its proper use relies on informed judgment and ethical guidelines.”
– Dr. Cheryl Moore Thomas, Provost, Fall 2023

The Rizzo Career Center encourages students and alums to critically examine the benefits and hazards of generative AI. These tools can add efficiency to your career journey, but they should never replace the critical thinking and communication skills you develop as a Loyola Greyhound.  


In combination with knowledge about general best practices regarding the format and content of career-related documents, AI can be a useful tool for researching, summarizing, and tailoring these documents. Because AI saves time, utilizing it in the first and last stages of creating these documents allows candidates to devote more time to reflecting on the content of their experiences rather than its formatting. AI can assist with brainstorming activities when you feel “stuck” and it can serve as a second “set of eyes” at times when another person is not available.

  • AI can also suggest ways to consolidate ideas to save space. 
  • Using AI-generated phrases may increase the likelihood of a resume advancing past an AI- operated Applicant Tracking Systems and onto a recruiter’s desk because it can quickly identify and incorporate key words from the job description into your bullet points. 
  • ChatGPT’s regenerate function provides numerous options to help rephrase bullet points to reflect more sophisticated, industry-specific, and poignant language. 
  • AI can be especially helpful for candidates with a first language other than English who may have valuable experience but may need to exert additional time and energy to communicate it effectively for an English-speaking audience.

Ultimately, AI is a resource best used as a brainstorming and editing tool. While helpful for objective editing (like grammar and sentence structure) AI is less useful for crafting more nuanced documents like cover letters and personal statements. It is difficult for AI to replicate the uniqueness of a candidate’s own experiences, values, and goals.   

Areas for Caution

There are some aspects of AI you need to be cautious of, especially when you’re using a computer interface that may potentially define the trajectory of your future.

  • The actual database that ChatGPT and other AI interfaces use is outdated—most of the time, its most updated information bank dates back to around 2018. It is also susceptible to input bias – if the model is based on a biased or unrepresentative data set, then what it will return will also be biased and unrepresentative.
  • Simply asking AI to generate a resume will often return formats and styles that are not aligned with best practices. For example, ChatGPT typically recommends an “objective” statement, which will make your resume appear outdated. 
  • Generative AI processes information by guessing which word is most likely to be used next. It may over-accentuate your experience and skills or even falsely generate skills you don’t have. This puts you at risk for a potentially awkward job interview or an even more awkward first day on the job.
  • For a number of reasons, it’s possible for generative AI to create inaccurate or non-sensical outputs known as hallucinations. To reduce these outputs, it’s always beneficial to provide clear parameters and boundaries in your prompts and critically review any material you intend to use. 

Sample Prompts

Brainstorming Career Paths

Based on the following resume, make a list of 50 entry-level job titles that this candidate is most qualified for [copy and paste resume]
Make a list of 50 career paths most suitable for a college graduate who [insert descriptor]

  • “majored in History”
  • “likes graphic design”
  • “likes to work outdoors”
  • “likes to travel”

Job Description & Company Review

What are the essential keywords for this job position? [insert job description] 
Based on the following job description, make a list of the top 5 skills a job applicant should highlight in their resume: [insert job description]
List the top 3 requisite skills to be a successful [insert job description or job title]  

  • “Social Media Manager”
  • “Computer Programmer”
  • “Copy Editor”

Refining Resume Bullet Points

Rewrite the following resume bullet point to be outcomes-based and under 20 words 
Create a list of 50 action verbs that are most applicable for a resume for a [insert job title/occupation]

  • “Clinical Psychologist”
  • “Lab Technician”
  • “Social Worker”
  • “Financial Analyst”
  • “Mechanical Engineer”

Personal Statement or Resume Review

How well did I respond to the following prompt: [enter application prompt] [enter statement of purpose]
Create a list of the top 5 skills communicated in the following resume: [copy and paste your resume here] 

Interview Preparation

What are potential interview questions a candidate may be asked during a first-round interview for the following position: [insert job description]

Enhancing LinkedIn Presence

Edit this headline for LinkedIn to reflect my personality and work experience [give personality adjectives and work experience description/resume]
Craft a captivating bio for LinkedIn for the following job-seeking candidate, highlighting their achievements, areas of expertise, and leadership qualities